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CATUI 3-D Structure Viewer

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The CATUI 3-D Structure Browser component will eventually provide three dimensional visualization, drawing and analysis capabilities for RNA molecules. The CATUI 3-D Structure Browser will integration with both the CATUI Alignment Viewer and the CATUI Secondary Structure Browser, enabling the scientist to perform RNA comparative analysis using both sequence, 2-D and 3-D structure simultaneously.

To provide the functionality listed above will required developing our own 3-D macromolecule viewer, which is currently scheduled for a future CATUI release. In the interim, we have integrated the 3-D Molecule Viewer component from Codeplex as a short-term implementation. The 3-D Molecule Viewer Codeplex site with instructions on using the viewer can be found at

The 3-D Molecule Viewer currently supports visualization of macromolecule structures provided in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) format (
  • To open a 3-D macromolecular structure in the CATUI, right click on the Molecular Structure (3D) grouping in the Data Source List Pane and select Protein Data Format.

CATUI 3-D Visualization
  • Once the 3-D molecule data source is loaded, then right click and select Show View then 3D Molecule Viewer to launch the 3-D Molecule Viewer as a view tab in the CATUI.

CATUI 3-D Visualization

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