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CATUI Distributed Alignment Editor


The basic strategy for the CATUI Distributed Alignment Editor is to only load into memory the part of the alignment that is visible on the screen based on:
  • Font Size
  • Cell Padding
  • Screen Size for the target Window
This design allows a biologist to manipulate extremely large sequence alignments on a normal desktop or laptop computer. The biologist can open multiple views of the same alignment simultaneously, and these views should remain synchronized whenever edits are made. The biologist will be able to navigate a sequence alignment directly (scrolling horizontally across rows or vertically across columns) or indirectly using known structural or phylogenetic relationships.

The Distributed Alignment Editor will be one of the first alignment editors capable of rendering each cell. This allows us to control the background of the cell as well as add individual adornments to the cell. The figure below has numerous examples of adornments:
  • Different background colors for the cell
  • A plus icon on the cell to indicate additional state
  • Column relationships with adornments + common background colors. For example, we show that one relationship is selected, has a darker line to indicate the relationship and the cells all have a gray background.


Design Documents

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